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The Trustee and staff of Maria Rickard & Associates came together over 14 years ago, and we bring over 60 years of combined experience to our clients. We have kept our company small, so that we can focus on providing the personal attention every client is entitled to. We have two locations: our head office is located in Toronto, and our northern office is located in Sault Ste. Marie.

WE BELIEVE every client is unique, with his or her own problems and circumstances, and devote whatever time is necessary to determining the best solution for the individual.

WE BELIEVE there is a solution for every client’s problem, whether that solution is the filing of a bankruptcy, or a consumer proposal, which provides for debt settlement arrangements with creditors.

WE BELIEVE in an educated client, and all consultations are provided free of charge.

WE BELIEVE that every person has a right to be treated with respect, and in a caring, compassionate manner, when dealing with the punishing stress caused by their financial problems.

WE BELIEVE that everyone is entitled to restart their financial life, free from the burden and suffering caused by excessive and unmanageable debt.

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